A Love Story of truly Galactic Measure

I thought something epic might be called for this week after last week’s preciseness – well here goes!

The planetary nebula swam unthinking through the vastness of space. All around it was the suck of vacuum as it claimed more and more dust denuding the nebula of its substance. The cloud of gas and particles had travelled for millennia to find that which had been snatched away from it.

The nebula had once had a pulsating passion for a neutron star that was dense and prone to outbursts of a truly volatile nature. But this companion star had been stolen, snatched, filched by the chaotic interactions with a passing galaxy. The gravitational undulations had ripped the star from the embrace of the nebula and flung it many galactic miles away. The cloud had followed but the trail was becoming dimmer and space far less populated. Fewer and fewer stars studded the sky, even the hydrogen atoms were becoming rare.

A great engulfing sea of blackness appeared before it, the hole or void at the centre of the universe. The Billion Light Year Void. It sucked at the very soul of the cloud but still it plunged forward, sure that if it could only hold on a little longer it would find its beloved star.

The void beckoned and then like the star before it, the nebula entered and the universe closed its maw – all billion light years of it.

The End

You lot out there – I want you to spend 10 minutes contemplating and writing about The Vacuum – what the vaccum is, is up to you.

Posted: Monday, September 15th, 2008 @ 7:21 pm
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