The Beginning

In the beginning there were Wiggly Pets and they were chased by the evil snobbolinks, then there were mushrooms and good snobbolinks and various other alien and native species.

Then there were Story Gurgitation Monsters, who tell stories to the world at large regardless of how good or bad or even how well written they are. I am one such Gurgitation Monster, my name is Blue – I will let you guess why.

There are many of us and like our peers the Wiggly Pets we have discovered the internet at last! I am a very special type of monster. I am the first one to have a blog and therefore I shall reign supreme amongst the story-telling monsters of the multiverse.

Being called Blue Monster, people are always telling me that my stories are affected by my name but I do not believe them.

The Wiggly Pets have very kindly help me set up this blog for which I am supremely grateful.

I shall go away now and think up some nice little yarns for you all. I hope you will like them. Being a Story Gurgitation Monster I shall also put little writing exercises up once a week in the hope of infecting the Terrian population with the writing bug.

Posted: Monday, August 25th, 2008 @ 3:29 pm
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