This Moment

Well, Green Monster is here and I have been advising him on which books to read; information he has graciously accepted, which is good as it shows that he realises the worth of my advice.

I personally am considering the nature of monster society and where Revue Monsters fit in. I think they are perhaps more useful than people have given them credit for. Of course Red and Yellow Monster probably have something to say on the matter.

Still I am getting sidetracked and will just say that this week’s exercise is to use “This moment” as the starting two words of your piece – off you go.

This Moment

This moment is quiet with booming sound that infects the mind and pollutes thought

This moment is the reckoning of all that has gone before the sum of existence

This moment is essence something and nothing that I can never catch no matter how much I try

This moment is sticking in my throat like a bone from some old chicken broth that has gone cold and rancid

This moment is dragging on into the hind-brain where the monsters lurk and wait their turn

This moment is waiting in anticipation for the end and the beginning in serene dreams of the oil landscape

Posted: Monday, February 16th, 2009 @ 5:06 pm
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