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Yellow Monster is just piling insult upon insult now – not only did he have the audacity to call me “dude” but now he called me – MATEY!!!! Matey!!! I mean, come on! It’s not like Yellow’s some character out of a Redwall novel, is it? He sounds like an otter! And this proves something else I’ve been thinking about – look what I started to do there – I started to review things, I think the reviewing is catching and I’m not sure I want any part of it.

I suppose I had better calm down – I thought as Red Monster accused me of stealing her writing exercise last week I would do a series of exercises that show how you can bias the image you portray.

So this week I want you to write positively about tea.



I really love tea, I awake in the morning and think I could just murder a cuppa, I think sometimes it is more of an addiction than a love affair. When I say tea I do not just mean the bog standard tar in a cup, with milk that’s been left of the fridge too long and brown scum circles in a badly stained mug with chips and paint all over it. No I mean all teas – fruit teas that smell enticing and taste more inside than I would like but somehow convince me it is healthy for me. Mint tea first thing is great for pepping me up and calming any fear of the day ahead. Then there are teas made from the red berries which are sweet and I like to have instead of cake. Strawberry and elderflower and rose petal are delicate and send me thinking of Turkish delight and my grandmothers. Then there are the blackcurrant and nettle teas which sort of invigorate you but do taste medicinal.

I love fennel tea, which tastes of liquorice but alas and alack it gives me the most painful of mouth ulcers and so is really savoured and saved for celebrations. The Roobu tea is ghastly, though, and along with dandelion tea I have consigned to the “I need to feel I am doing something healthy” set.

Spicy apple is good for a blocked noise and the citric ones good for sour thoughts.

Then back to Earl grey and Lady grey and Assam and Darjeeling.

Then to green tea which I will drink all day just adding more water making it weaker and weaker. My favourite for a calorific hit though is a Chi Latte, which is the lushest drink you can imagine.

So as you can see I really do love Tea.

Posted: Monday, March 2nd, 2009 @ 5:57 pm
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