Negative Tea

There are many things I need to address this week for a start – Yellow has offended me further by adding Buddy to the list of pathetic names he has called me – I knew allowing other monsters into my writing space was a mistake.

Then there is Green monster who seems to have misunderstood my meaning – I think he is a great asset to society I just think that it would be easy to be sucked into reviewing and never write a creative thing again.

Apart from all that I did not steal Red’s exercise nor do I borrow her ideas – it is simply that geniuses thinks alike. Though in her case I feel she may be the lower end of the genius spectrum.

To continue last week’s exercise you should write about tea in a negative way.

Negative tea


Why do people drink it – really? Are they masochists? It is the devils brew and make no mistakes; it is teeth staining; gut rotting, insipid and foul. Why waste hot water on the stuff? Never mind milk and lemon, what are people thinking when they left the beverage to their lips?

Posted: Monday, March 9th, 2009 @ 6:12 pm
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