For once Yellow Monster is talking sense, but I still feel he should apologise to me for all those pathetic names he’s been calling me like “matey”! I mean, really, it is not called for, is it?

I think I also need to talk to Green Monster who seems to have got in a tizzwozz over intermonster relationships.

This week I want all of you to write on the specific theme of guilt, which has absolutley no bearing on my state of mind at the moment at all in any way, you understand.


Guilt of the survivors of that place, tainted by war and the desire to purge others of what they percieved as failings – those deadly characteristics which formed those that had ridiculed them almost to extinction. Cleansing did not work, and they became the oppressors, the dealers of raw and inaccurate justice, and they saw blood.

It was only as the blood leached into the ground and soddened the crops that the despair and realisation that it had indeed been the guilt of thier own survival that had lead them to perpetuate the cicle.

Some could cope, and made a new quiet life; some took their own and others went on, more zealous than ever, in a task that became worse with each circle of doing. Guilt consumed them and made the pain shine brighter. The war atrocities would mar the pages of history, though few would see it for what it was.

Posted: Monday, March 23rd, 2009 @ 2:25 pm
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