Green Monster is just being plain silly but I blame the other monsters for his nerosis. I just wanted to say that I didn’t think Reveiwing was a black art and that we all do like him. So I have started writing letters and emails to explain things to him.

For some reason he said I was being obsessive and a stalker so I thought I would take the theme of obsession and get you all to write about that this week.


So you think I’m obsessed, do you? DO YOU?! You think that I cannot live without the feel of paper and pen, of ink and graphite, of the clunk of keys or the rattle of the endangered typewritter. Do you?

What of the time singing lullabies? Well, yes, of course I write them down, even you said they where good and I need to make the lyrics concrete! Stories, poems, assignments, letters to friends, letters to companies, the group emails, the forums. they all serve a purpose, you know. I’m not one of those crazy obsessive people. Honest.

I have lots of interests. Gardening, art, cooking, walking, origarmi – yes, I know I write about them all, but thats not obsession, honest – well, ok, maybe a little bit, but I don’t hear you complaining when I get a pay check do I, hmmm hmmm?

Besides, who said obsession was a bad thing?

Now out of my way, and have you seen my green pen? You now I can’t write without it…

Posted: Monday, March 30th, 2009 @ 8:51 pm
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