The Winter Depths

Green monster is going completely OTT. I didn’t mean I wanted to ferment him into bottles of green ink, I just picked green ink for the story because it is more unusual than blue, black or red ink and I thought it would show the obsessive personality more clearly. Red Monster has told me that I shouldn’t contact Green Monster again until she has sorted this out – and as for Yellow Monster – well I have never been so insulted in all my life – of course all my advice is sound and to even think of ignoring it is foolhardy. Sometimes I want to sob at the fickleness of Monster Kind.

But until I succumb to such bitter thoughts I shall continue to set writing exercises. This week I want you all to spend half an hour writing on the theme of midwinter.

The Winter Depths

The cold freezes the air to solid form, coating the branches of the trees, starting from the smallest twig which become heavy under the white crystals. The night draws on and the day seems murky and insincere and then sometimes to have happened not at all.

The winter is a depth into which most modern people do not delve, but as the ice inches its way onto the roads and into the water pipes, even the most sheltered cannot but notice the icy pall that covers the land.

Shivering on the way to work, shivering within the home, heating insufficient and the shops running out of heaters. The darkness of white covers the ground, rendering all sterile and forlorn.

Posted: Monday, April 6th, 2009 @ 11:57 am
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