The Musical Note

Green Monster is being pathetic but I have my orders from Red Monster and Yellow Monster not to keep calling at his house, and to sort things out and apologise.

I think they are all being unfair in saying I’m arrogant, self-centered and aggressive. Red got really narky with me, she’s got a temper she has – I didn’t see any reason that I shouldn’t go to the party at Green’s house, when they were both going.

Still, this week I want you all to write about an anthropomorphised musical note.

The Musical Note

The musical note danced and skittered across the sheet, constrained by the lines that tangled and barred its way. Sometimes it tried to jump clean over those lines but it was always snared back again. Sometimes it tried to tunnel beneath, but there was always something barring its way. So the little note carried on trying desperately to get to the end.

Posted: Monday, April 13th, 2009 @ 7:08 pm
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