The Blue and Silver Box

I am Blue and Bluer than Blue, Green had a party and invited Yellow and Red but not me. He apparently doesn’t like me. Red says this is because I’ve scared him, so I thought I could apologise and go to the party anyway, but they threw me out and Green wouldn’t even come out and see me!

I am now ignoring all of the other monsters. They were never supposed to be on the internet, anyway – it is mine and mine alone.

Anyway, this week I want you all to think of a treasure box ortrinket box and think about what’s inside it – then write about whatever comes into your head for 10 minutes.


There is a blue and silver box that sits upon the mantle

within this little box sits a myriad of things

treasures from the tenderest age

bits of glitter, bits of fluff

a broken broach, a plastic gem

all dust-covered and age-worn

but within its depths their lies

a treasure from an older age

two rings, finely wrought

in gold and diamond and together they fit

the mourner’s rings from a time of dreams

before the war had stolen him

The blue and silver box sits upon the mantle

Posted: Monday, April 20th, 2009 @ 7:39 pm
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