Misery Hates Company

Well it’s happened – Red Monster has decided to set up a blog in direct competition with me but I am not bitter, no siree I am not and to show that I am an understanding individual I thought it only fair that I mention her blog and * gulp * add her to my blog roll.

Her writing style is quite frankly insipid compared to mine and she is somewhat driven by her emotions, plus there is quite a violent streak in her sometimes, which startles me.

Only time will tell if her writing will get any better – like all Gurgitation Monsters she is helping to infect the human population with writing so I suppose the outcome of her web existence is overly good.

I think this week I want a 100 word essay on the nature of rivalry – I however am far too upset to write anything and am going away to be both blue mentally and physically, so there!

Posted: Monday, October 6th, 2008 @ 7:38 pm
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