Mice are Nice

With the presence of Red on the net I am getting increasingly paranoid that others might soon follow suit and my glorious stories will be swept aside by the tide of words.

This week your mission should you choose to accept it is to use the starting word Mice.

Mice are Nice They are sold in pets shops For a small and meagre price Like all furry creatures They are prone to lice Unless they are sugared mice Which taste so very nice Though could use frankly A little spice

Real mice Would eat sacks of rice Left to their own device As they think it’s nice Though they don’t like frozen foods As it turns their tums to ice

Nice mice spice rice for a price with ice – this is a bad poetic device so take my advice and RUN

The End

I was thinking of it as a tongue twister 🙂

What do you think?

Posted: Monday, October 27th, 2008 @ 8:43 pm
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