Fluffy Butterflies

Mellow the Yellow ‘I’m not mellow’ Monster is getting far too big for his boots. How he could possibly think that Red Monster’s post about pretty little princesses in glass bubbles was anything compared to my work of genius I just don’t know.

And what did he produce? A piece about what appears to be a discarded children’s handbag and some soppy humans. I think all the other monsters should go away and leave the writing to me. They are all just so bad at it.

And as for the rest of you, you need to write for 15 minutes abou this that you hate!

Fluffy Butterflies

A pet hate of mine is fluffy butterflies, whatever possessed anyone in their right mind to make fluffy butterflies? Do these flying insects in the natural world have a coating of fur like mammalians? I think not, nor do they come in such lurid shades of purple and pink – and they certainly are not glittery!

Oh I know they have golden shimmer upon their wings and some are a deep dawn blue that is luminous but they are not fluffy and they are not of the sort of size a small child can hug happily. Besides, have you ever seen a magnified image of one? They do not exactly inspire cuddly thoughts but more – oh my god this thing can fly! Where can I hide?

I have very specific things I want to do to people who make purple and pink fluffy butterflies.

The end

Posted: Monday, December 8th, 2008 @ 10:26 am
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