Spirally Shells

Yellow Monster has finally seen the error of his ways and has pronounced my stories excellent! He even mentioned the word depressed which as a Blue Monster makes me happy! It is, after all, just another word for being blue is it not?

And with that this week you shall all write about ammonites!  If you do not know what they are look them up!

Spirally shells

Deep in the mists of time lay the ammonites. These creatures swam or more accurately propelled themselves through a primordial time. Related to the modern day squid they were and they roamed, thinking little cephalopod thoughts.

Then wham bam mass extinction and bye bye little ammonites and bye bye big ammonites, in fact bye bye all ammonites with all their swirling patterns on their shells. The wiggly lines that mark the beginning of one shell chamber or another; all of it gone. No matter how simple or how complicated, just gone.

Well that is the fleshy alive part of them was gone but their intricate shells were preserved, at least some of them, and they were made into stone and then later into jewellery and paperweights or cut up for science.

But sometimes you can still hear their little squidy thoughts and when I hear their thoughts I hope that there is no such thing as reincarnation because they are vicious and are planning revenge.

Posted: Monday, December 22nd, 2008 @ 10:30 am
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