Ok, so maybe Red and Yellow Monsters are being nice and maybe the world is a better place for there being multiple monster blogs, but I really do think that three is the limit and no more monsters – regardless of type – should come on the internet for any other reason that to bask in the wit, humour and genius that is the Monster Blogs. And of course under no circumstances should they entertain setting up their own.

This week, write for 20 minutes on wool or knitting – this could be anything from sheep to the textiles industry to multicoloured jackets. It’s completely up to you.


Tangled in the bottom of a green woven bag sat a scone of blue wool. It was the vibrant type blue of Thomas the Tank Engine and was hoping to be knitted into something for a kid, but unfortunately it was excess to requirements and had no bright future of jumper wearing ahead.

It sat in the bag becoming more tangled, watching other colours coming and going, bright pinks and purples, oranges and yellow. Then, just to add insult, more blues of every shade imaginable. They were all knitted away, but not that little scone. No, it sat there still hoping, becoming tatty and fluffy.

Then one day a hand much smaller than that which it was accustomed to reached in and extracted it with care. To the wool’s delight it was turned into hundreds of friendship bracelets, a couple of hair braids and an impromptu wick for a homemade candle.

Why being chopped up, twisted and knotted should have made it happy I cannot say but it did.

Posted: Monday, January 5th, 2009 @ 10:15 am
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