The Honey Bee

With relief I have noted that no Green Monster has yet to appear to steal the glory of my limelight. But the negativity I am receiving from Yellow and Red Monster is making me feel very alone and isolated :(.

I really wanted to have a great blog and for everyone to read it and now the web is being flooded by Monsters and I feel that my work is just not being appreciated.

Still, putting that all aside, here is what I want you to do this week:

Recently I have heard of the plight of the honeybee and this makes me too Blue to be properly Blue so I think that today’s exercise will be to write a poem or short piece on the honeybee.

The Honey Bee

The bee buzzed no more no more Its stripy coat lay forlorn No more honey No nectar to suck The honeybee was out of luck

And so are we If the buzzing bee Should fade away to nought For who will pollinate our crops And who will bring honey to our chops

As little bees do miracle cures And hayfever’s misery is fewer But without those buzzy fuzzying bees Working away so merrily Who will stop the sneezing stream? Of pollen so small and unseen

Buzz bees Should hum and buzz But they are sick and ill it seems Disappearing from the scene So say I ’til they recover Perhaps we should use honey sparingly And leave the little bee to be And dance and prance so merrily

Posted: Monday, January 19th, 2009 @ 9:17 pm
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2 Responses to “The Honey Bee”

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