Omitting the letter T

Due to the unfair pressure placed upon me by the other Story Telling Monsters I have selflessly spoken to Green Monster who is actually a Dude and have convinced him to start his blog. Well I couldn’t have a fellow Monster not writing at all, could I? Especially as I am supposed to be infecting the indigenous population of this planet with the writing bug.

Hopefully Green will stop all this nonsense and start writing soon. And hopefully Red and Yellow will see that I have made a great sacrifice for the good of the greater Writing Project.

Now this week think upon the construction of words and take note that T is the most widely used letter in English and try to write a sentence or two without it – here is my attempt:

Omitting the letter T

Assembling a piece of work, which has excluded one symbol, is very hard and having a whole book of such would be agony surely? Now you shall have a go!

Posted: Monday, February 2nd, 2009 @ 9:54 pm
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2 Responses to “Omitting the letter T”

  1. Red Monster » Blog Archive » Lucy Says:

    […] Blue Monster, I am pleased to say, has been very nice to the Green Monster and talked him into blogging his lovely reviews. However this whole sorry issue could have been avoided if Blue wasn’t so self-centred and arrogant in the first place. […]

  2. Yellow Monster » Blog Archive » Building the Fire Says:

    […] happy outcome at last. Blue and Green are buddies, Red will be happy, the world is at one with itself and I really feel quite […]

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